Growth Chart Bear – Cole Month 4

So we got Cole in front of the camera again with the bear.  He is visibly larger than Cooper was at the same age.  At his most recent checkup he was 15 lbs 6 oz, and he was 25″ long.  This did put him in the 85th percentile for length.  If the kid didn’t look exactly like me I might have to take a test…LOL.  He is really coming into himself, both physically and now verbally.  A few days ago he seemed to find his voice.  Our house has sounded like there is a live teradactyl in the house!

He is also completely rolling over in both directions.  Yesterday I walked away from him while he was on the play yard and came back a few minutes later and he was 5 feet off of it.

Another milestone recently is that we FINALLY got him to take a pacifier.  Now normally that wouldn’t be something I think parents would really boast about, but it has really worked to calm him down.  For some reason until now he wouldn’t put or keep that thing in his mouth at all.

This big boy just keeps getting bigger

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Growth Chart Bear Month 3 – Cole

Cole, AKA “Tubby”, is now three months old.  At his most recent check-up he was 12lbs 9oz which is significantly bigger than Coop was at the same age.  I really enjoy looking at the two of them side by side in these pictures just for comparison.  Cole has rolled over one time while we were on vacation, but we think that might have been an accident since it hasn’t happened again.  His head control is really great at this point and I think he is a very strong little boy.

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Growth Chart Bear – Cole Month 2

We got the second set of photos done.  Lil’ Man #2, Cole weighed in at his last checkup at just under 10lbs.  We have another appointment this coming week in which we expect “Tubby” as we have been calling him to push that even further.  I cannot wait to compare these photos to Cooper’s at the end of the year.  I will keep myself from comparing them until then so Laura and I can be surprised.

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Growth Chart Bear – Cole Month 1

So I have been a bad daddy, or just a really busy daddy.  I think my last post on the old LilmanCoop blog was before Christmas so that makes this quite the update.  This is the new blog that now encompasses both boys, which brings me to my next point.  Here is Lil’ Man #2 Cole Alan Dennie in all his glory.  This is the first month photo and at the end of 12 months I will be side by side comparing the two Lil’ Men.

He is a clone of Coop, or me, or both.  As to this point we were getting a few hours of sleep a night, but overall we cant complain as both boys have been wonderful sleepers.  Even at this first month photo, Cole is much bigger than his brother was.  Weighing in at just over 7 lbs at this point..while Coop was hovering short of 6.

This is gonna be fun…

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Apple….Apple…Apples everywhere I guess

So we havent had much to write about in terms of what Coop says as of yet as that is really been something that has come about very recently.  We have been told that for the most part a child either develops quicker on the physical or the verbal aspects.  Cooper is definitely very far ahead on the physical side, the kid is amazing.  Very recently he is babbling in more recognizable and formed “sentences”.  If he talks and then you ask him “what?”, he will even repeat that same “sentence” and even adding a tone that is similar to “Dont you understand me daddy?”.

We have had the words dada, daddy, momma, dog, and of course dig dig and big dig dig….but we are definitely on the cusp of the cliff of talking that one can never return from.  Its kind of like when we couldnt wait for him to walk..and then the minute he did you wished for that stationary little person again.  I assume this to a degree will be similar.

Today we were at the grocery store tonight and when we got into the produce aisle, he very clearly said the word “apple”.  Laura heard it first, but I was able to hear it right after that and then again over and over for the next 30 minutes, even in other aisles that didnt have apples.  His litte finger, which has become a Lil’ Man staple when he sees something, was pointing at everything and he just kept saying “apple”.  At least the first time he said the word he was looking and pointing at the apple.  We will continue to work on what the other stuff is going forward.

Cooper runs on Mac & Cheese

I swear it, this kid runs on Mac & Cheese…there is no other explanation.  He doesn’t even hate on which brand, Kraft…homemade…restaurant, he will KILL it!  He is also getting to the point now for awhile in which he no longer wants to eat it with his hands, but with a fork or a spoon.  Don’t get me started on what happens when I try to feed him as he is having NONE OF IT.  Give me that utensil dad…I’m big.

Its been great getting a chance to see the evolution of what and how he eats.  Coming from the bottle to baby food and now to eating pretty much whatever we do.  Laura and I feel that he is also becoming right hand dominant, so the hope for another lefty in the family looks to be fading.

He is still such a little guy, but he eats more than mommy a lot of the time.  While he continues to be on the smaller end of the growth curve, I am sure its not because he is being underfed or eating too little, dude can put it away…especially when it’s in the form of Mac & Cheese.


First real babysitting adventure

To this point we have either had family watch the little man, or we haven’t done anything.  Since Grammy and Pappy have been at the house this year, we have sorta had some built in babysitters in the house which has been really nice.  Laura found a daycare that we have used a few times that allowed us to go and enjoy Buckeye games at the bar or a dinner and a movie, but this was the first time that all available family was going to be at the event.

Earlier in the spring I went to play golf and was paired up with a few girls and a guy.  The two girls, sisters, are in high school and as we were playing we started discussing family stuff and work stuff and of course the Lil’ Man pictures started coming out.  They thought he was absolutely adorable, so the discussion turned to babysitting.

We tried a few times to use them, but schedules werent working out.  This last weekend Laura and her parents had a choir concert so we needed someone to watch Coop since we knew he couldnt make it through the whole concert.  I called one of the sisters and got a hold of Ellie.

Her mom brought her over and then her mom, standing in the doorway, asked if he gave hugs.  OF COURSE HE DOES!  Itold him to go give her a hug and Lil’ Man walked right over to her and gave her a big old hug…she melted.

Ellie and Coop started right in on the playtime…blocks, puzzles, books, disney channel….and off I went.  When the concert was over I texted Ellie to let her know we would be a little late after dinner and she responded “thats perfectly fine, I LOVE HIM!!” (with the exclamation points).  When we got back to the house she couldn’t stop talking about how affectionate he was.  She said he was a hugging machine.

Lets just say I think we have found a babysitter to use when we have the urge to go out.  First time success.  He liked having her over and she enjoyed her time with Lil ‘Man.

Cleaning out his first pumpkin – Halloween 2012

This year was obviously also the first year that Lil’ Man is able to participate in any Halloween festivities, such as carving pumpkins.  Of course we didn’t give him a pumpkin cutter, but he helped daddy clean one out.  While a bit hesitant at first, he started to understand that the slimy guts weren’t that bad, he actually liked to put his hand in there.  If you listen closely, you can even hear the fart he lets out while cleaning, haha.

He definitely has some of his mommy in him..both with the fart, and the way that he puts those seeds in the bowl.  That flicking motion is something that mommy does when she has dirt or really anything on her hands.  I think he has seen that move before.


Halloween 2012 – Dragon Boy!!

I have been a bad daddy.  I told myself that this wouldnt happen, but I became too busy to keep up on this blog over the last few months.  I am disappointed and it will not happen again for two reasons:  I have to start another one of these in a little over two months, and I want to have documented more about little man.  Ill probably be doing some old posts to catch up, just getting the information on here…but it wont be as it happened.  Now back to the good stuff…

Halloween this year was really cold and rainy.  This didnt stop us from getting Coop into his costume and prancing him around to our neighbors so they could see him and he would be able to collect some candy for mommy to eat.  Laura got him the costume from Old Navy and he actually didnt mind being in it.  Since he is obsessed with construction equipment and cars, basically anything with an engine and wheels, he looked like godzilla instead of a dragon with the matchbox cars in his hand.  I even taught him to growl and smash the cars.

Tonight Cooper went out on a guys night

Tonight Mommy, Grammy, and Aunt Whitney went to a Jewelry party.  This meant that Daddy, Pappy, Uncle Mark, and Uncle Steve had to find something to do.  So what do guys to when they go out?  They GO EAT STEAK!!!  We went out to Ted’s Montana Grill and ate Bison steaks.  We all watched some baseball, the adults had a beer and Cooper drank milk, and we talked about life and sports and how the world was treating Lil’ Man.  He was very insightful.

Cooper ate his first Bison burger and really liked it.  Dude loves burgers and fries and this was a new way to experience it.  Just as usual though, when he was done eating…COOPER IS DONE EATING…there ended up being a decent amount of burger on the table and on the floor, so it was time to go.